Scientific Objectives

The main objectives of the SEN4RUS are:

  • Use the profound experience and knowledge elaborated in the GEOURBAN project to
    further bridge the gap between European EO scientists and Russian urban planners, by
    addressing issues of needs and the potential of Copernicus Sentinels data for diverse
    stakeholders dealing with urban planning
  • Analyse the relevant to EO urban planning requirements in Russia, by setting-up a
    Community of Practice (CoP) at selected case studies.
  • Identify the new potential arising from Sentinels and derived geo-information products
    and services to support urban planning at city and regional scales.
  • Adapt the techniques for deriving those indicators that have been evaluated as more relevant by the GEOURBAN project to the processing and analysis of Sentinel imagery.
  • Develop new methodologies, based on Sentinels synergies, to be implemented for
    fusion of multisource data in the framework of the project.
  • Extend the set of indicators to new application areas such as energy (sustainable
    energy, energy efficiency) and urban climate (Local Climate Zones).
  • Develop a WIS by optimizing and expanding the functionality and performance of the
    prototype developed in GEOURBAN to optimally meeting the specific user requirements.
  • Exploit the recent developments in cloud computing, to make the WIS able to support
    the on-line analysis of time series of high spatial resolution data.
  • Demonstrate the WIS in the framework of an umbrella CoP event.
  • Illustrate the planning-related and socio-economic benefits of using of Sentinels data
    on a routine basis in urban planning decisions in Russia.